Conviction in Stanton
murder case
A state appeal court panel agreed with Attorney Mark Fredrick and reversed
a second-degree murder conviction for a 22-year-old man charged in a
gang-related shooting nearly six years ago
Ontario woman acquitted
of murder
The woman's Attorney, Mark Fredrick, said he and his client
were both happy with the verdict
Driver found not guilty of leaving the scene in TapouT
For over 20 years Mark W. Fredrick has been specializing exclusively in criminal law.
He has successfully litigated thousands of criminal cases ranging from homicides to
petty theft and driving under the influence charges (DUI’s).
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Criminal Defense Attorney
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Welcome to the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick - We specialize in defending people accused of committing crimes including, DUI's, drug charges, assault, sex crimes, white collar, etc.

Mark’s success in many high profile cases has earned him a reputation as one of California’s best lawyers. Many of his cases have received nationwide media attention. On one occasion, Mark drafted a law compensating a man who, before becoming one of Mark’s clients, had been wrongfully convicted of a crime he did not commit. The special bill Mark drafted was passed by the Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. Because of his reputation in the legal community Mark has been the attorney of choice for Orange County Judges, police officers, deputy district attorneys, private attorneys and politicians.

Mark has sat as a Judge Pro Tem in Orange County and has been a guest lecturer at law school classes. He has several published Appellate Court decisions and is often contacted by other lawyers who solicit his opinion regarding their clients’ difficult legal situations.

Mark attended San Jose State University on a full football scholarship and he is a graduate of Western State University College of Law. During law school he worked at the California Court of Appeal and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.


When you are facing criminal charges the most important thing you can do is retain an honest, experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you. Call our office to make an appointment with Mr. Fredrick and he will spend the time to explain all of your legal options to you.